Pinewood Roasters

Hand Made in McGregor, Texas

Serving Coffee and Community. Located in Downtown McGregor, Texas. 

Who We Are


Dylan Washington 

Dylan likes to think of himself firstly as an honorary member of The Eagles, but also a coffee roaster. He enjoys playing banjo, talking about aliens, and long walks through the candy isle of any store. Any day of the week you can find him at Pinewood HQ either developing a new roast profile, or planning his next prank.


403 West 2nd Street, McGregor, Texas



John David Beard

John David Beard is small town kid at heart who loves the small things in life. Among those small things is roasting small batches of coffee that have been taken care of throughout the whole process of getting into your cup. He has not thrown a baseball in a while, but would like to. Life's good.