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January 26th - Corey Kilgannon (w/ special guest Davis)

Corey Kilgannon...

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is a traveling singer-songwriter born in the outskirts of New York City, raised on the coast of Florida, currently residing in Jacksonville Beach, FL. His tracks are textured with lush guitars, haunting melodies and swelling drums, allowing it to occupy the same musical expanse of contemporary indie-folk artists, all while still holding on to its singer-songwriter core. For Kilgannon, songwriting is so much more than just putting words to paper. It is a therapeutic process with lyrics and sounds that call to mind the inevitable loss of love that is so prevalent in human nature. That catharsis is evident on his full length release of The Hollow II, the culmination of the journey from his previous EPs; The Hollow & Hospital Hymns.


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is made by Sara Davis Regan and friends out of Austin, TX. The music swells with layers of warm, yet fragile, vocals, which will haunt with dark, intricate melodies, woven together with honest lyrics that tug at your depths.

The sounds are simple and humble, but rich. It all breathes with a passion for creation, life, relationships, and the longing to be surrounded by beauty. Every song aims to reminiscent of the importance of living life fully. Their sound is inspired by the musicians they admire; specifically Ben Howard, Bon Iver, Night Beds, and The Staves.